New Scenery

The lumber arrived!! Came this morning. That’s all that happened today, but it’s okay. It is nice to come home and see something different everyday. Tomorrow’s Friday and we’ll see what gets done. Usually, Friday is a half day of work.

Boxer jumped up on the lumber right away. I watched him carefully to make sure he didn’t mark it. He’s such a sweet boy.
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Hard At Work

Stopped by the house at lunch. Could tell lots of work being done as evidenced by the picture of what used to be a tree stump. Couldn’t discern any other changes. In my mind I hear Mr. Contractor say, “Find something to keep you busy”.

Activity Forecast to Pick Up

The Porto-Potti has arrived! I checked for a dead body and all was clear – it smells real nice right now. Doug advised us that soon there will be multiple crews here and lots of vehicles parked in the street. So, we’re alerting our neighbors.

It’s so nice to be able to walk out the back door and not have to duck under strings and dodge holes. Boxer and Sydney played around the piers today. They’re also relieved things are cleaned up. Of course, with activity picking up we anticipate doggie stress and all that brings – and human stress dealing with the doggie stress. Peace be with you.

We’ll post again soon if the good lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

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The Ghost of Vito Lives On

The piers are built – next to fill with cement – all is moving along nicely.

You may notice that in the picture above the nearest pier appears out of alignment. It is. We asked Adam why it was that way. He indicated that when they were digging the first hole they ran into a drum of unknown size and depth. Therefore, with the approval of the engineer, they re-positioned the hole and pier. The make-shift frame and strings are gone. Things are shaping up nicely.

My grandfather, Vito, had a well dug years ago and used this to water the many different fruit and vegetables he grew in his yard. The well has long ago been kaput – we disconnected the electric pump several years ago.

Remember that water heater dug up recently and discussed in a previous post? We learned that it was the very first water heater for this house. That means that there’s another water heater buried in the yard. And no, we will not dig for that one – it’s buried forever as far as I’m concerned.

Stay tuned.

Cement Poured!

As you can see the cement was poured today – this morning actually. I asked Adam, one of the workers, what the white stick thing was for. He said the top of represented the pour line – the bottles were placed on it to protect our doggies if they happened to fall in a hole. Mr Contractor is a dog lover, too.

Peanut stepped in the hole at lunchtime and left her prints. Mr Contractor assured us it was not a problem – he was there at lunch when she did it. Not sure what if any work will be done tomorrow – I’m reckoning that the concrete needs to dry a little before more is done. But if there is more work done – you know that I’ll report it here first.

We’re pleased with the progress so far. Booya!

Cement coming soon…

The holes are ready for cement, I think. We had our first inspection so maybe something more will happen this week. Not sure what the plastic bottles are signifying – they’re placed over a white stick-like thing. I’m clueless.

Blocks arrived, too. Let’s get going, Mr. Contractor. They built a brand new house over there on NE 7th street in just one week! Can you beat that?