Where’s the Sink?

First of all, let me apologize for not posting this past week. Life gets busy sometimes and I’m not always able to turn on the computer.

We’ve had some potential bad news about our new sink. There was a mix up in the ordering process and we may have to wait another 8 weeks before it arrives. I am none too happy about this. Let me state that it was neither my fault nor Mr. Contractor’s fault. It was a communication lapse between the party we purchased from and the manufacturer/distributor. I’m being patient right now allowing it to get worked out – but if it doesn’t then someone is going to get a piece of my mind. Miriam thinks I’m blowing hot air, because I often do, but not this time. I want my sink dammit!

What you see above is the shower with the cement board installed. The floor has also been fitted with the board. Now, all we need is some tile put down and we’ll be rocking.

Our new tankless water heater pictured above has been installed – it’s not online yet but might be by the end of this week.

Below is the original inside door to the bedroom. We’ve removed the casing and are going to use it for the new door that’s going into the hallway. This existing door will be trimmed just like the other new doors in the room – consistency is the buzz word here.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear – but our new maple floor! What a lovely site. Should be installed next week! We’re getting a little bit closer every day.

Where’s my sink?!

I thought the original sub floor was interesting. This is how they did it back in the day (early 1940’s).

Well, that’s all for now, dear readers. It’s early evening, but I’m awful tired. Can’t be staying up past 11pm and get up at 6am – I’m too old for that. So, I think I’ll go take a nap. See you soon.

Color My World

We selected three colors to try in the bedroom – all very similar. Adam painted all three on different walls – after a little bit of mulling we selected the final color. I have to say that any of the three would have worked for me. It’s a pale green type color – hard to really get a sense of it from the picture below – it looks a little washed out. When I walked into the room during lunch the color was exactly as I had imagined it would be. Believe me, this doesn’t happen all the time for me – especially when it involves color.

Of course, other work continues. The picture below is the porch area. We’re removing the siding from the house and finishing it like the rest of the porch. It’s gonna be sweet.

The mosquitoes are driving us from the porch in the evenings now. We’ll be thrilled once the porch door and screen is installed. Not sure when that will be – Lisa had certain requirements for the screen door – Mr. Contractor is working hard to satisfy her. But she might relax her requirements a little in order to get the room screened soon. The screen guy did drop by Sunday to take measurements – he said that it should only take about half a day to install the screen.


The trucks rolled in early today. As promised the drywall and plaster went up. These people were fast – by the time I got home around 4pm they were gone – finished – incredible.

Ooops, some of the plaster splattered under the door. Not to worry – Adam cleaned it right up with a damp sponge.

Behold the beauty! It looks a little dark but that’s because it was still damp. Once dry it will turn white. Next week painting begins. Our homework is to pick out paint colors for the bedroom and porch floor.

It’s impossible to tell where the old meets the new. All is seamless. Wow!

Now, this has us perplexed. We’re not sure what the hole was used for. If we remember, we’ll ask Mr. Contractor tomorrow.

Change is happening fast. I went to Contractor’s Supply today to look at a door – gave thumbs up for ordering. Flooring is also being ordered. The next three weeks are going to be busy – a transformation is going to take place. Stay tuned!