Doorknobs Are Here!

The image got a little skewed but you can still see the beauty!

It’s been an exciting day as our doorknobs arrived and installation began. We’ve chosen glass for rooms and porcelain for closets. It’s amazing how a doorknob can change the ambience of a room.

The master bath is not yet ready for a reveal. We  just ordered the towel holders and what not yesterday. Sorry about the delay. But it’ll be worth it – trust us!

Moving Right Along…

The porch floor is completely installed. Painting to begin end of week. Waiting on hardware (aka doorknobs!) for doors. Should be here at “end of week”.

It could be a difficult weekend. Once the porch floor is painted we should leave it be for a week. The dogs and, particularly, their nails, shouldn’t touch it. We’ll try to be compliant but it ain’t gonna be easy.

Stay Awake, Don’t Fall Asleep…

Sleeping on a cloud? Not quite. We had the sofa bed hauled away to storage and picked up an air mattress from Target. Work is set to begin next week on the old interior floor and then sanding/refinishing the following week. All furniture MUST be off the floor, hence bye-bye sofa.

We consider the air bed to be a temporary solution to the larger issue of the fact that our waterbed has sunk and we need a new schooner. Not sure if we mentioned it before, but our waterbed cracked a joist – you’d think a seventy year old house would hold up better! Once the remodel is complete we’ll begin our search for a new bed.

By the way, Mir didn’t think anyone would recognize the musical reference in the title of this blog post. Anyone? (No googling!)