Moving Right Along…

The porch floor is completely installed. Painting to begin end of week. Waiting on hardware (aka doorknobs!) for doors. Should be here at “end of week”.

It could be a difficult weekend. Once the porch floor is painted we should leave it be for a week. The dogs and, particularly, their nails, shouldn’t touch it. We’ll try to be compliant but it ain’t gonna be easy.

We’re Baaaack!

Dear readers, what a month! We’re slipping back into what we hope resembles a routine. Here’s an update of what transpired while we were on hiatus:

– the hardwood floors are finished…and they look fantastic.
– the bathroom tiles are all in (floor and shower) and it turned out just as we had envisioned it.
– new door to the porch from the dinning room is in and all trimmed…again, fantastic!
– the porch is painted, bead board is up, all trim is in and the craftsmanship is spot on!
– also, the fan is up and the screens are scheduled to be installed very soon. Yippee!

Enough with the words just view the pictures:

The floor in the foyer, so what do you think…pretty nice, eh? Can’t hardly tell this used to be the bedroom floor and the place where the old meets new is now level (or at least more level than before). Now, picture this for a front door…a custom wood door – in the craftsman style – with sidelights…ahhhh….

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the wayward sink finally arrived! It’s been installed and working. There are a couple of things left to finish up in the bathroom but it is very close to completion…but I digress. Oh sorry, no pictures of the bathroom, yet…if Mr. Contractor sticks to my timetable (of course, he may have his own), we will be showing you these pictures soon, maybe even as early as next week. So, please stay tuned.

The porch painted, the fan installed….just need the screens and the screen door and we are good to go!

…And when we say it’s been quite a month – we mean it. We got back from vacation rested and relaxed. So rested, in fact, that we both got the bright idea to slap some paint in the den and the big dog room…it’s not a big job, right?…rooms are small and it’s SO rare to have these rooms sans furniture and dogs – so, we took advantage of the opportunity to give the rooms a much needed face lift. Now, we are both dog-tired but the rooms look great. Nothing like a coat of paint to make things look clean and fresh. We even got a compliment (and some pointers) from Mr. Contractor.

We’ve said this before but the final reveal is getting oh so much closer.