Another Day in the Remodel

Rebar is being prepared which makes me think that the pouring of the concrete footers is not too far away. More holes have been dug. Boxer has enjoyed running around the holes and playing “king of the mountain”. Can you find Peanut in the picture below?

Some siding has been removed and new boards have been installed in preparation to connect the old with the new.

3 thoughts on “Another Day in the Remodel

  1. Actually, GRU installed a device on the gas meter two or three years ago such that they can read it from the street using a hand held thingy. They haven't had to come into the backyard for a long time. They can read the electric meter from right outside the fence.


  2. They (GRU) are amazing. They claim to be able to read our water meter each month despite it being buried under 5 inches of loose sand! Never a grain of sand disturbed in or around the water meter (I know this, because I have checked, and even called them to ask how they manage to do it), yet we still get a water bill every month. Hmmmm. Wonder how the thingy you have works..?


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