Progress is slow but sure. One more full work day and this fence should be completed.

Next question: stain or paint?



More Improvements?

Yep. Never ending.

Time to get a fence in the front. Remember, we used to have hedges in front and liked a barrier between us and the street. So, we’re excited to have the fence installation begin. Should be completed by the end of the week.

More to come.


Always Improving

We wanted to jazz up the front entry so Miriam pulled out some paint and has started adding some accents to the woodwork and dental work.

Detail work like this takes patience and concentration.

We’ll be back again after the final coats are in place.


Can’t Help Myself

Even though there’s a couple more things to do I just can’t help taking pics of the new look of our little house.

It’s already rained today and will some this evening as a cold front moves through. Thank goodness for this joy of color to keep the future grey days of winter in check.

I make no apologies for sliding a doggie into this post.

Our older girl Sydney is still alert! That’s what we like to see!

Until next time…ciao.

Weather Delay

Today’s weather is delaying the final completion of our bungalow but another picture is always a “pick-me-up”!


Caribbean Bungalow

Yes, that’s what our little house will be called after we’re done…well, after the painter we’ve hired is done. A complete transformation is in the works.

After our trip to Cuba, we decided to add some color to our lives and the neighborhood. You gotta do something to brighten things up with the political cloud hanging around us.

We started the process with new windows. The old windows were hard to open and close  and some were even broken. So, we decided to get new windows installed first and then paint.

Choosing colors has been a process. We started with subdued colors we were familiar with but they left us feeling old and worn. So, we remembered Cuba and the colors we loved there. And, we’re going for it.