The Ghost of Vito Lives On

The piers are built – next to fill with cement – all is moving along nicely.

You may notice that in the picture above the nearest pier appears out of alignment. It is. We asked Adam why it was that way. He indicated that when they were digging the first hole they ran into a drum of unknown size and depth. Therefore, with the approval of the engineer, they re-positioned the hole and pier. The make-shift frame and strings are gone. Things are shaping up nicely.

My grandfather, Vito, had a well dug years ago and used this to water the many different fruit and vegetables he grew in his yard. The well has long ago been kaput – we disconnected the electric pump several years ago.

Remember that water heater dug up recently and discussed in a previous post? We learned that it was the very first water heater for this house. That means that there’s another water heater buried in the yard. And no, we will not dig for that one – it’s buried forever as far as I’m concerned.

Stay tuned.

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