Dirt…Day 4

Dear Readers,

There was very little progress on the yard today. Our grass (what little there is going to be) is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday and more work will not begin until Thursday.

Please check back then for more updates.

Miriam and Lisa

Dirt…Day 3

All pavers have been set in place – front and back! Just the finishing touches need to be done and the walkways are good to go.

We really like the running pattern of the brick. The yard now looks a little bare. Can’t wait for a few plantings and sprucing up!

Above is a close up of the stone like paver in the back. We think it looks really good. Glad we chose this particular style.
Another view.

Sydney is checking out the driveway. We chose to use rock here to save a few dollars. 
All in all, the job is going well. Looking forward to the plantings next week! Stay tuned for more pics.

We thought we’d plug the landscaping company that’s doing the work for us. We’re very happy so far!

Dirt…Day 2

Lots more work was completed today. Take a gander at the progress.

The back patio is coming along nicely! We’re really going to enjoy this!

More of the patio/walkway.

This is a neat little machine that has been all over our yard. Here it is being used to dig out part of our driveway in preparation for a facelift.

Boxer is tired and taking a break. Will be nice when the dirt is covered – tired of cleaning up tracked in dirt.

We’re loving the look of this new front yard pathway.

It takes a lot of bricks to make this happen!

So, this is two days of work. We can’t wait to see what is accomplished tomorrow! See you then!

Dirt and the City

The hedges in front of the house have been removed and the
yard is being prepared for a paver walkway!

And so, our landscaping adventure begins.

We’ve been wanting to do something with the yard, particularly, the back yard. Parts of it have become a dust bowl and we track in a lot of dirt. So, we have brought in Matt and he has a lovely plan to transform our yard. Actually, we’re mostly transforming the back and a little bit of the front.

The back yard has been cleared.

Our new walkway is being prepared.

All the way to the curb!

This will be our small patio/walkway in the back. Can’t wait for this.

Another view of the back.

Goodbye, plant tree. It was too close to the house so we will replace with something more appropriate.

This is just the first day! So, much accomplished! Stay tuned for day two!