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Porch Refreshed

The porch has a fresh coat of paint and has been lifted back up to life. Gone is the old green and new is our beautiful Caribbean crush blue. The furniture has been rearranged to better define our living places. HGTV is welcome anytime.

Repositioning the furniture and inserting a new rug brightens and warms at the same time!

Along with that a fresh coat of glazed pear makes the room look brand new.

The table has been moved to its own “dining” area.

Stay tuned…Mr. Contractor is due back soon!

Color is Everything

We were advised to use stain instead of paint on the fence. We found some stain that allows colorization – yipee!

Now it’s ready for the final color.

We spent about three full days painting this structure.

We’re biased but we love it.


More Improvements?

Yep. Never ending.

Time to get a fence in the front. Remember, we used to have hedges in front and liked a barrier between us and the street. So, we’re excited to have the fence installation begin. Should be completed by the end of the week.

More to come.


Always Improving

We wanted to jazz up the front entry so Miriam pulled out some paint and has started adding some accents to the woodwork and dental work.

Detail work like this takes patience and concentration.

We’ll be back again after the final coats are in place.