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What about the backsplash?

Let’s not forget that this remodel is not just about floors. We’ve got other items to be addressed. Task lighting in the kitchen has been added. Electrical work to add outlets, fixtures and outside lighting has been completed. Though, one more exterior light project is still to be done.

Yes, the backsplash must go.

The original backsplash was same tile as floor except smaller and placed on a diagonal.
Goodbye old backsplash.
Teaser…inspired by our trip to Cuba.

Stay tuned.


Where are we now?

It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been busy friends. So much to do during this phase of the remodel.

Last we spoke the floor had been demoed to some extent. Let take a look at some images to bring us up to date.

Appliances must be removed from kitchen.
Mr. Contractor moving fridge to the porch.
Stove gets moved, too.
Appliances on the porch, including dishwasher not seen.
Rudy, the floor man, marks the pieces to be cur for feathering in the new wood.
This is how they get removed without tearing up the planks.
It’s a puzzle.
Installation in progress.

As you can see, it’s a process.

Stay tuned.


Another Door?

What’s this?

Well, the dogs have pretty much chewed up the big dog room door. It really wasn’t salvageable.

We thought about trying to putty it up but it was too far gone and the door trim , too. So, Mr. Contractor will replace all – we hope for the last time.

It’s a little sad for us. These imperfections are reminders of our beloved dogs. Bless Kasey, Boxer, Sydney and Peanut.