What Is It?

It’s a permit box! Supposedly, our permit was to be ready last week – but we haven’t seen it. Mr. Contractor probably figured he should drop off something to show movement on the project. We’ll see what transpires the rest of this week.

We are hoping that his carpentry skills, should he decide to use them, are better than what created this permit box.

Note that the permit box has a 4×4 attached to it – we suspect it will be set in the ground – ready for a loooong project.

Permit Should Be Ready Next Week

We met with our contractor (who shall be known hereafter as (“Mr Contractor”) yesterday morning – he had submitted for the permit and was told it should be ready Tuesday of next week. We formally signed the contract and are excited to begin and finish as soon as possible. Staging should begin this coming week.

We will document/take pictures as we go along – probably ad nasuem – but this is going to be our record of the remodel.

Fasten your seatbelts – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Later, gators.