Trimmed Out and Ready to Go…

The hallway door is trimmed and ready for prep and paint. Friends, we LOVE this door. Stress levels for both humans and doggies has dropped significantly now that we are able to implement our “two-door” rule between the female canines.

What’s with the trailer, you say? Well, friends remember that one little item we spoke about eons ago – and even provided a custom drawing for?

It’s time to start building that deck! We’re so excited, we just can’t hide it. We’re about to lose control and….well, you know the rest of the words.

We’re So Glad We Had This Time Together….

It’s been a while, dear readers. Life is still hectic but we wanted to get something posted before you began to think that we’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

We’ve got new door knobs for the exterior rear doors and the laundry closet. The lock for the front door is yet to be decided on. We’ll wait until the new front door is installed. Yes, friends, we still have a little ways to go with this remodel…more like fine tuning…but the big reno work is done.

This is a new door way as it appeared when it was first framed. And below is the hallway wall – you can see the plaster cracks and such. Note to would be painters: This is what happens when you have latex paint on top of a layer of oil based paint. It won’t stick without applying primer (painting 101). Not to belie the point, but you can chalk this one up to the previous contractor.

Now the door is up and the hall has been re-plastered. It’s very nice – just needs some paint and we’re in business. The hall door is scheduled to be trimmed this week. There will be a transom above the door to allow for air flow. Why the hall door? Security. So, the two *itches can’t get to each other. Our blood pressures have already dropped with the installation of this door.

The new bedroom is lovely. We still need to hang blinds and artwork – soon, real soon. Our shower door should arrive sometime within the next 10 days or so. We’ve also ordered some towel holders. Once all is here and installed we’ll be ready for the reveal – so stay tuned.
Slowly, our stuff is coming back from storage. Hope to make a run this evening to pick up a few more things. It was a delight to finally have our dining table back in the house.
Our new porch and it’s bug free zone has been a pleasure. It’s a wonderful space. We’ve been enjoying most of our meals there.
We’ll post more pictures when the door is finally trimmed. Thanks for stopping by – so long(ear tug).

Doorknobs Are Here!

The image got a little skewed but you can still see the beauty!

It’s been an exciting day as our doorknobs arrived and installation began. We’ve chosen glass for rooms and porcelain for closets. It’s amazing how a doorknob can change the ambience of a room.

The master bath is not yet ready for a reveal. We¬† just ordered the towel holders and what not yesterday. Sorry about the delay. But it’ll be worth it – trust us!