We’re not done yet…

Most of the previous posts have been about the floor and backsplash but there’s more to do.

We decided we also wanted to update the look and feel of the living room and office/music room.

We said goodbye to our old Castro Convertible sleeper sofa. Mir bought it about 30 years ago and it served us well. But it was time to let it go and replace it with something smaller and with color.

Goodbye old girl. You served us well.

Our friend, Alaina, was able to find a sweet woman who needed a sleeper sofa – so, our old sofa went to a good home and will be in service for years to come.

Now, the new. Thanks to Chuck at Paddiwhack for helping us find our new sofa.

We added color and downsized a bit to a couch that fit the space better.

There’s more to come. See the open doorway behind the couch? New French doors are on the way. We can’t wait.


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