Renovation Update

It was a year ago that our numerous house updates came to a screeching halt due to Covid. I am happy to report that work got restarted and we are almost finished with our list of changes.

The toe kicks in the kitchen are in. The door and trim repairs have been completed. A couple of those still need us to paint but the carpentry work is done.


We have our light string hung and powered by a new box installed in the back yard.

Lighting outside

The last huge item that has taken FOREVER was getting our new French doors to replace the old Home Depot specials that had been chewed up by the dogs.

Taped and ready for staining.
Post stain

I insisted we get new knobs for the doors and I’m glad we did.

Finally done!

Except for a little bit of painting, the interior is complete. At least for now…we’re good at finding new projects but I think we’ve got this little house about where we wanted it as we get closer to retirement.


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