The trucks rolled in early today. As promised the drywall and plaster went up. These people were fast – by the time I got home around 4pm they were gone – finished – incredible.

Ooops, some of the plaster splattered under the door. Not to worry – Adam cleaned it right up with a damp sponge.

Behold the beauty! It looks a little dark but that’s because it was still damp. Once dry it will turn white. Next week painting begins. Our homework is to pick out paint colors for the bedroom and porch floor.

It’s impossible to tell where the old meets the new. All is seamless. Wow!

Now, this has us perplexed. We’re not sure what the hole was used for. If we remember, we’ll ask Mr. Contractor tomorrow.

Change is happening fast. I went to Contractor’s Supply today to look at a door – gave thumbs up for ordering. Flooring is also being ordered. The next three weeks are going to be busy – a transformation is going to take place. Stay tuned!

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