Color My World

We selected three colors to try in the bedroom – all very similar. Adam painted all three on different walls – after a little bit of mulling we selected the final color. I have to say that any of the three would have worked for me. It’s a pale green type color – hard to really get a sense of it from the picture below – it looks a little washed out. When I walked into the room during lunch the color was exactly as I had imagined it would be. Believe me, this doesn’t happen all the time for me – especially when it involves color.

Of course, other work continues. The picture below is the porch area. We’re removing the siding from the house and finishing it like the rest of the porch. It’s gonna be sweet.

The mosquitoes are driving us from the porch in the evenings now. We’ll be thrilled once the porch door and screen is installed. Not sure when that will be – Lisa had certain requirements for the screen door – Mr. Contractor is working hard to satisfy her. But she might relax her requirements a little in order to get the room screened soon. The screen guy did drop by Sunday to take measurements – he said that it should only take about half a day to install the screen.

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