If you can’t stand the heat…then get out of dodge…

It’s been a hectic week. We’re just now beginning to catch our breath. The week started with Doug pulling up the red oak in the foyer area and repairing the rotted wood.

The plan was to take the orginal pine flooring pulled up from our bedroom and install it in the foyer. Check…plan now executed. The very light wood you see is where we didn’t have enough of the heart pine. Once it’s sanded and finished it should blend in seamlessly.

We’ve spent the better part of the last several weeks moving items to storage, donating them to charity or sending those items beyond repair to the dump. This past weekend was particularly trying as our air conditioner broke. That’s right folks – no cool air. The temperature in the house rose to 88 degrees. Yes, I even took a picture of the thermostat – should you need proof. Since all the floors are now being worked on, we have had to vacate the house. We’ve never liked leaving our little home but we we’ve never had it that uncomfortably hot! We placed Boxer and Sydney at the Bed ‘N Biscuit on Saturday and headed to St. Augustine with Peanut in tow on Sunday.

Here’s what the house looks like naked. Almost seems kind of spacious with all the furniture gone. Will we do this again? No. Not in my lifetime.

We are staying safe and cool in St. Augustine. Some friends have graciously allowed us to borrow their “beach” home for the week. We are forever grateful and are enjoying ourselves and having a very lovely time.

And the air conditioner? Mr. Contractor has arranged for it to be repaired. Thank you, sir! (I can hear him say “better put a Mer in front of that”)

So, we we are on holiday and so is the blogging. We are here to relax and enjoy this beautiful coast.


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