"Patience, Grasshopper." – Kung Fu Master

“Patience, grasshopper.” This has been our mantra these last few weeks as work continues. It does seem to move at a snail’s pace – but then we are into the nitty gritty detail work that cannot be rushed.

“Do you girls realize that the tile you selected is irregularly shaped?”, said Mr. Contractor. “It’s gonna make the install more difficult.” “Yes, Mr. Contractor, we know – that’s part of it’s beauty.” “Just wanted to make sure…” Mr. Contractor is a stickler on the details.

The prep work done by Mr. Contractor and Adam on the shower walls was intriguing and methodical…a lot of leveling, mudding, and more leveling. So now Adam meticulously measures, cuts and places each tile one by one on the walls. We’re not going to provide pictures of it. You’ll have to wait until the “reveal”.

Mean while, work on the porch and bedroom also continues…Doug has done an incredible job of trimming the doors, windows, floor, and installing the bead board….just beautiful.

As for us – we’re still on the air bed. The house is a mess…we’ve given up worrying about it – we have this week to get everything moved off the floors so they can be refinished next week. Needless to say, we’re a little bit tired…and stressed. The good? We’ve thrown off sentimentality and reduced the amount of stuff we own. If you’re one of my sisters you’ll want to avert your eyes for a moment. (whispering) I donated my two bridesmaid dresses to a local charity.

So, that’s where we’re at.

Ciao, baby.

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