Oh, So Close…

Our lovely porch is ever closer to completion. The ceiling is scheduled to be installed very soon. I already know it’s going to look great!

Sydney seems to approve. She’s finally learned that you don’t jump over the opening to chase a squirrel – she simply uses the stairs instead.

This pile of wood includes our bead board ceiling planks, our porch floor planks and some extra planks for the inside foyer floor in the event we run out of our original heart pine. We’re replacing the oak in the foyer with the heart pine taken from the old bedroom – this way the entire house (except the new bedroom) will have the same flooring.

Mr. Contractor and staff installed the maple floors in the bedroom and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. They’ve been sanded and refinished. The refinishing people, Kephart, did a great job.

So, next week the closet guy is coming to install the shelving units. We’ll be going back into the “mastress suite” by month’s end – it will be nice to move our clothes from the foyer back to the bedroom where they belong.

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