Goodbye Old Water Heater

The old water heater was removed. This means that the space needed for the new deck is now available…and that the gas line needed for the future gas grill is now available. There’s also a water line available – hmmm – maybe a wet bar? Things to think about.

Okay, this week the new floors in the bedroom are schedule to be sanded and refinished. We spent this afternoon clearing out the existing closet. It’s amazing how much stuff you can store in a small closet. We did purge a lot but have decided to rent a storage unit this week and store our boxes there. Hopefully, we’ll only need to rent it for a couple of months.

The latest on our sink is that it will be delivered the last week of June. Better late than never I suppose. Oh, yes, the shower pan was poured Friday. Sure would be nice to see some tile laid. The bead board is mostly up – and looks fantastic – thanks Doug!

We’re getting antsy. Stay tuned.

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