Excavation Has Begun

Several holes were dug today. It does look like an archaeological excavation site. Water and electrical lines were exposed. Not too sure what’s going to be done with those – especially since we’re considering relocating the washer/dryer to the house if we can find the space.
Boxer enjoyed jumping up into the trailer and sniffing around a bit. You can see here a relic in the background – or what’s left of one. My dad likes to tell the story of my grandfather burying an old water heater one day when he grew somewhat impatient at having to wait for someone to haul it away…We knew it was in the yard – we just didn’t know where.

This is the tag from inside the lid confirming our suspicions. Dad always thought it was buried on the east side of the yard – because he’s pretty sure something is. I have no plans to start digging holes to find what else is out there. It shall remain a family mystery.

My grandfather also had an intricate matrix of hoses buried for use as his own homemade irrigation system. It would have made his forefathers proud. You see my grandfather was from Italy and probably learned a thing or two from his ancestors…builders of some of the worlds first aqueducts system…You can see (below) one of those magnificent yet ultra simplistic matrix exposed below (green hose). You know, there’s just no telling what you might find when you start digging in your yard. I was hoping we’d find some buried treasure but nothing so far. We’ll keep you posted.

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