Another Phase Begins

It seems never ending, doesn’t it? We’re starting another phase of our remodel odyssey.

We’re saying goodbye to the tile floor.

We determined a while ago that the tile floor needed to go. It’s cracked in places and lifting up from the floor in other places. We went ’round and ’round trying to decide what to replace it with. Should we go with new tile or something else?

Mr. Contractor prepares the area…
…and gets to work removing the offending tile.
Original pine floor appears from underneath.
You can see the difference in flooring between the dining area and what was once a galley kitchen.
We’re going deeper…yep, new floor gonna go in.

Our home is small and we were tired of the abrupt floor transition from wood to tile when moving from the living room into dining room and kitchen area. We wanted the space to feel seamless. So, we decided to replace the original wood floor with…the original wood floor.

Our new…old flooring!
Our floor has been custom milled from reclaimed old pine to match our original.
Thank you Goodwin!

We got news this week that our order is ready for pick up. Mr Contractor will probably pick it up next week and bring it home to us! It needs to come inside, feel our love and acclimate to our home. Such exciting times!

But wait, there’s more! The floor is not the only thing we’re going to change!

Goodbye old backsplash!

The backsplash has got to go since it was actually the same tile as the floor. We went to FD Tile and picked out our new backsplash tile. Mr. Contractor measured and ordered and will be picking it up next week, as well.

As we’ve learned from our previous experiences, remodels never happen quickly. We know this, we accept this truth and are mentally prepared.

There are a couple of more exciting items that will be attended to by Mr. Contractor. But we’re not going to let all the cats out of the bag right now. Never you worry, though. We’ll report it all in due time.

Till next time.


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