Bathroom Progress

Old galvanized pipe…

No wonder we had had slow drains occasionally in the guest bathroom! Thank you Mr. Plumber for taking care of this! The “Bad News Plumbers” should have taken care of this years ago…

We found our tub installed!

Plumbing is installed.

Backer board is going up!

Mr. Contractor filled the tub with water and let it sit for a few days…he told me why…but I forgot. Apparently the bathroom floor was way out of level. Mr. Contractor told us that if he hadn’t liked us he wouldn’t have done this remodel because of the floor. We thank you, Mr. Contractor, from the bottom of our hearts!
Collateral damage
The plasterers came the end of last week and applied the product. We would post a pic but you really can’t see the texture.

Next up…tiling…we’ll be in touch.


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