The Dust Bowl Endeth

We experienced our own dust bowl this year. With the back yard used for a construction staging and work area, the inevitable dust bowl came into being. Keeping the house and dogs clean became impossible. So, we were thrilled when we could finally re-sod the back yard and say goodbye to dirt.

The first thing we did after the sod was laid was to clean all rugs and floors. Normally, this kind of cleaning is drudgery – but this time it was joyous! Cleaning meant we have the house back to ourselves – life can ease back into the normal. Praise jesus!

No. We’re not all done – but we’re pretty darn close. The new front door still has to arrive and be installed…and the porch floor needs a final coat of paint…and we’ve added another item….an awning over the porch door…as matter of fact, Mr. Contractor was here today checking out the new back yard. It sounds like he’ll punch these items out at one time.

We (Mir and I) still have some painting to do in the hallway. We hope to get it done before the end of the year but we’re running out of weekends.

Time flies.

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