Our Porch – A Southern Tradition

One of the things agreed upon for this remodel was that Lisa would get her porch. It was non-negotiable. There was to be a screened porch – period. And friends, that dream is coming true. Above is an artist’s rendition of what our porch will look like. This artist has captured what we imagined the porch would be. All great artists are recognized by one name – there was Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Madonna…and now the artist who drew our porch is simply known as Adam.

A porch is a great southern tradition – it’s where we entertain, eat, read and watch nature. This porch will be no diffent…We look forward to the days when we can sit on our porch during a summer storm and get a whiff of “newly fallen rain” or the perfumed scent of honeysuckle…we imagine sitting on our porch under the fan on a summer day, the sun beating down so hot you cannot bear to go outside for fear you’ll melt away and all the while we are on our porch drinking an ice cold beverage…Ahhh…We look forward to those days…We’re getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Long live the porch!

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