The Hug

We have not seen the smiling face of Mr. Contractor these past couple of days. Mir thinks it might be related to something she did last week…Mir had a most unusual reaction to a suggestion from Mr. Contractor – she gave him a hug. She apologized for infringing on personal space but the deed was done and so we have not seen much of him. We now are experiencing Contractor withdrawal. Don’t get me wrong, the work continues but wethinks he may be avoiding us or at least Mir. Damn her expression of joy! But, what’s a happy homeowner to do?

So…Doug’s been very busy. It might be hard to see from this picture but the windows are trimmed and more siding is up. Not bad, not bad at all.

Closer and better views.

Lest we forget – the plumber has been here most of the week. What you see will one day be hidden, but for now we can admire the plumber’s handy work in the shower.

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