Ain’t She Beautiful?

As you can see, dear readers, the remodel is coming along beautifully.

Seamless…once it’s finished with siding and paint I don’t think you’ll be able to tell old from new.

This one has been a bit of debate – code requires that the knee wall or railing be at least 36 inches if the floor is more than 30 inches off the ground. Well, 36 inches is practically eye level for me when sitting down and that is unacceptable. So, we’ve got a knee wall at 24 inches – we’ll see how this one flies.

The Prince is confused. But he’s perty.

Against my orders, Mir climbed up on the scaffolding and took a bunch of pictures of the roof and such. I think climbing up there made her feel like a kid on the monkey bars.

Doug working hard on the roof – didn’t seem scared at all up there.

Mr. Contractor also up there.

Adam on the ground – ready to catch the other two if they fall.

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