Can’t Turn Back Now….

The exterior wall to the bedroom has been removed. What you see above is the temporary wall from the outside. Below is a close up of the interior wall (green paint) – you can see the old lathe. This stuff is a b*&*ch to cut through – we went through several saw blades cutting through this while trying to repair a wall.

The roof is going up! I’m glad Mr. Contractor, Doug and Adam know what they’re doing because it’s all a mystery to us. We don’t know nuthin’ ’bout roofin’.

Forecast tomorrow is rain – damn and blast! Hopefully no leaks will occur.

As you can see we’re moving along nicely. Keep checking in – we love visitors!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Turn Back Now….

  1. G8rAlly I keep telling myself that but everytime the it rains and the wood gets soaked I get an uneasy feeling…I just need to keep telling myself that it's the prolonged exposure that causes warpage and rotting.


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